20 Tips for Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes (2023)

The age-old practice of winging eyeliner graces any eye with definition and allure. But Individuals must overcome distinct obstacles for Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes. The distinctive eye shape in hooded eyes can create a challenge when perfecting the winged liner technique because of the skin’s additional layer.

The following 20 tips and techniques for applying winged eyeliner on hooded eyes

Elevate Hooded Eyes with a Subtle Wing

Start with a Clean Canvas

Prior to applying cosmetics, it’s crucial to tidy your eyelids and remove any leftovers. A delicate makeup remover is crucial for effective area cleaning, leading to successful eyeliner placement.

Use an Eyeshadow Primer

You can stop your winged eyeliner from moving by priming your lids with eyeshadow. The surface will be even, ensuring the eyeliner remains intact for longer.

Choose the Right Eyeliner Formula

For Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes, you have to choose an eyeliner formula. The differences between liquid, gel, and pencil eyeliners lie in their level of precision and versatility.

Opt for Waterproof Eyeliner

Eyes with hooded lids experience increased smudging due to frequent touching by the eyelid crease. Make a smart investment in long-lasting eyeliner to keep your winged look looking great.

Go for Short Strokes

Instead of attempting to draw one long line, create your winged eyeliner in short and controlled strokes. Accuracy improves with this approach, while mistakes become less likely.

Follow the Natural Eye Shape

The outline of your eye should be replicated by the wing of your eyeliner. For hooded eyes, this may mean extending the wing slightly upward to create the illusion of lifted eyes.

Angle Your Brush

To create a Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes, position your eyeliner tool in a downward direction along your lower lid. The wing is tailored to meet the angle of your gaze.

Keep the Wing Thin

Thick wings should be minimised to avoid downplaying the appearance of the eyes. The optimal wing shape for eye shapes like hooded eyes is sleek and understated.

Test Wing Placement

Before fully committing to the look, experiment with the placement using a gentle makeup tool. This enables you to precisely shape and adjust the wing before eyeliner use.

Experiment with Different Wing Angles

Hooded eye shape takes on multiple variations. Try out various wing tip configurations to discover the most becoming appearance for your distinctive eye structure.

Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

Use Tape as a Guide

Tackling wing-making challenges? Consider employing a minute attachment as a beneficial model. Begin the tape application at the outer corner of your eye and follow it along your brow.

Use the Liner to Achieve a Gentle Appearance

To achieve a more delicate and subtle winged liner, gently blend the eyeliner with a smudging brush. This approach generates an enveloping and alluring atmosphere that complements eye shapes.

Steer clear of hefty eyeliner along the lower lashes.

You can avoid the eyes looking heavy by applying light eyeliner only on the top lashes. Consider applying less product or skipping it altogether.

Highlight the Inner Corners

Add a hint of highlighting product or eye shadow to the inner areas of your eyes. Wearing this eye product can give the impression of more alert and bigger eyes.

Set Your Eyeliner with Powder

A coordinating eyeshadow hue can help keep your eyeliner in place. Apply the eyeshadow using a tiny, pointed brush that angles upwards and secures it along the eyeliner.

Embrace the Tightlining Technique

Tightlining involves applying eyeliner to the upper waterline, making the lashes appear thicker and adding depth to the eyes. For hooded eyes, this technique offers a refined solution by reducing bulk while improving overall eye definition.

Blend Eyeliner into Eyeshadow

Achieve a flawless makeup appearance by smudging your eyeliner with eyeshadow. The approach rounded off the liner’s edges, giving a natural and hassle-free appearance.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Learning to apply winged eyeliner demands consistent practice. Don’t let early failures dissuade you; persist until you accomplish your desired outcome.

Seek Inspiration from Tutorials

Online tutorials and videos tailored to hooded eye-winged liners are accessible. Observing seasoned makeup professionals can offer worthwhile knowledge and skills.

Be Patient and Confident

Show patience and dedication while refining your winged eyeliner technique. Celebrate your distinctive eye structure and tackle the challenge with assurance. With continued effort and focus, you’ll quickly develop into a pro at winged eyeliner.

Hooded Eyes, Alluring Wings

Different Tip Configurations for Winged Eyeliner on Hooded Eyes

Classic Wing: The classic wing is a timeless and universally flattering style. It involves drawing a subtle flick upward at the outer corner of the eye, aligned with the natural shape of the eye. The overall appearance is improved with this configuration, which lengthens the eye region.

Angled Wing: An angled wing involves creating a slightly steeper angle for the flick, extending it more upward towards the end of the eyebrow. The configuration makes the eyes appear more expansive and lively by lifting their focus.

Soft Smokey Wing: A subtle, hazy wing is attained by lightly blending the winged eyeliner using a smudging tool. The wingtip shape generates a soft, diffused effect for a discreet style.

Bold Dramatic Wing: To achieve a daring and striking appearance, lengthen the wing and angle it upwards. This setup makes a statement with the eyes and functions well for unique events or daring beauty applications.

Double Wing: The double wing is produced when a secondary wing is added to the basic wing, originating from the outer corner and slightly rising. This look infuses extra flair and distinctiveness into the eyes.

Floating Wing: The floating wing is positioned above the fold of the hooded eyes, unlike on the eyelid. The design generates a sense of a more pronounced fold and expands the pupils.

Graphic Wing: A graphic wing involves drawing a sharp, precise wing with clean lines. This configuration updates the eyes with a futuristic and stylish sensibility.

Cat-Eye Wing: A fusion of traditional wings and a flicked inner corner design, the cat-eye wing boasts vintage flair. This setup combines elegance and a feline-inspired appearance.

Extended Wing: By stretching the wing towards the temple, a longer and more unconventional appearance is achieved.

Rounded Wing: In place of a pointed flick, the rounded wing boasts a subtly curved edge near the eye’s outer corner. This setup harmonises with softer, more organic cosmetics applications.

Remember, the wing tip configuration depends on your personal style, and eye shape. The level of drama you wish to achieve will determine which type is best for you. Try out various methods and setups to discover the approach that most improves your hooded eyes and harmonises with your total makeup tastes.


Mastering the flawless winged eyeliner on hooded eyes necessitates some extra effort, but the end outcome is immensely rewarding. With these 20 guidelines and methods at your disposal, you will be adequately prepared to craft a faultless and striking eyeshadow application that enhances your distinctive eye contour. Experiment with varied techniques for winged eyeliner until you discover the optimal application method for your preference. Since repetition leads to excellence, don’t be reluctant to keep going until you attain flawless winged eyeliner proficiency.

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